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Bipolar Latch Hall Effect Sensor
General Description
The OCH41N is an integrated Hall effect latched sensor designed for electronic commutation of brush-less DC
motor applications. The device includes an on-chip Hall voltage generator for magnetic sensing, a comparator that
amplifiers the Hall voltage, and a Schmitt trigger to provide switching hysteresis for noise rejection, and open-collector
output. An internal bandgap regulator is used to provide temperature compensated supply voltage for internal circuits
and allows a wide operating supply range.
A South pole of sufficient strength will turn the output ON. In the absence of a magnetic field, the output is OFF.
Wide operating voltage range: 3.8V~30V
Open-Collector Output
Reverse polarity protection
Maximum output sink current 25mA
Package: SIP3
Pin Configuration
(Top View)
3 Output
2 Gnd
1 Vcc
Name No. Status
Vcc 1
IC Power Supply
Gnd 2
IC Ground
Output 3
O It is low state during the S magnetic field
Ordering Information
Part Number Package Type Packing Qty BOP (Gauss) BRP(Gauss) Temperature Eco Plan Lead
5 ~ 80
-80 ~ -5 -40150ROHS Cu
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