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Platings Sleeve
91 5 µm Sn Pb
93 5 µm Sn Pb
99 5 µm Sn Pb
Clip Pin
0.25 µm Au
0.75 µm Au
5 µm Sn Pb
Series 546
Pin Grid Array sockets
Press-fit terminations
Pin Grid Array sockets with press-fit terminations
PGA sockets are high density connecting devices equipped with
machined precision contacts with soft contact clips assuring low
insertion/withdrawal forces. Over 200 standard pinouts are
available; inquiries for custom varieties are welcome
New compliant press-fit terminations with modified eye of the
needle for solderless mount into PCBs with through plated holes
guarantee gas-tight contact zones
Insertion characteristics: 6 finger low force
Ordering information
Replace xxx-xx-xxx with the number of poles, body size and
layout numbers as indicated on pages 88 to 92. For example,
a 12×12 pin configuration with window and 108 standard
soldering contacts as shown on page 88 becomes:
PGA sockets with press-fit termi-
nations for 1.5 to 2.0 mm PCB
thickness. Hole diameter
1 (+ 0.09/– 0.06) mm
PGA sockets with press-fit termi-
nations for 2.1 to 3.2 mm PCB
thickness. Hole diameter
1 (+ 0.09/– 0.06) mm
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