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GEArray Q series Mouse Chemokines and Receptors Gene Array
Cat. No. (Rad / Non-Rad)*
MM-005-02 / MM-005N-02
MM-005-04 / MM-005N-04
MM-005-12 / MM-005N-12
Kit Size
2 Arrays
4 Arrays
12 Arrays
Each GEArray Q series Mouse Chemokines and Receptors Gene Array contains 67 chemokine and chemokine receptor
genes. The regulation of chemokine and chemokine receptor expression plays fundamental roles in the development,
homeostasis, and function of immune system. It is also evident they function in other cell types, such as endothelial cells
and cells of the nervous system. Through a simple side-by-side hybridization, you can determine the expression profile of
these chemokine and their receptor genes by using your experimental RNA samples and the array and reagents provided
in the kit.
Functional Gene Grouping
Small Inducible Cytokines:
Subfamily A (Cys-Cys): Scya1 (TCA3), Scya2 (JE), Scya3 (MIP-1α), Scya4 (MIP-1β), Scya5 (RANTES), Scya6 (C10),
Scya7 (MARC), Scya8 (MCP-2), Scya9 (MRP-2/ MIP-1r), Scya11 (eotaxin), Scya12 (mcp-5), Scya17 (TARC / ABCD-2),
Scya19 (MIP-3β/ ELC), Scya20 (MIP-3α/ LARC), Scya21a (6Ckine/ SLC/ exodus-2), Scya22 (MDC / ABCD-1) Scya24
(CCL24 / MPIF-2 / eotaxin-2), Scya25 (TECK), Scya27 (ALP / mILC), Scya28 (MEC/CCL28)
Subfamily B (Cys-X-Cys): Cxcl16 (SR-PSOX), Gro1, Scyb2 (MIP2), Scyb5 (LIX/GCP-2/ENA78), Scyb9 (Mig), Scyb10 (IP-
10), Scyb11, Scyb13 (BLC / angie2), Scyb14 (Kec/Bmac /MIP-2g), Scyb15
Other Subfamily Members: Scyc1 (Lptn / lymphotactin), Scyd1 (fractalkine / neurotactin)
Chemokine Receptors: Blr1, Ccxcr1 (mXCR1), Cmkar3 (CXCR3), Cmkar4 (CXCR4), Cmkbr1 (CCR-1), Cmkbr1l1,
Cmkbr1l2, Cmkbr2, Cmkbr3, Cmkbr4, Cmkbr5, Cmkbr6 (CCR6), Cmkbr7 (EBI1), Cmkbr8 (CCR8), Cmkbr9 (GPR2),
Cmkbr10, Cmkor1, Cx3cr1, Cxcr6, D6-pending, IL8rb (Cmkar2), Ltb4r2, Pumag, Tapbp
Other Related Genes: Dfy, Emap2, Epo, Ifna11, Ifnab, Pf4, Ppbp, Human PRL homolog, Sdf1, Sdf2, Tcp10
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