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Photoflash Capacitor Charger with Automatic Refresh
YB7000 charge high voltage photoflash
capacitors quickly and efficiently. Designed
for use in digital and film cameras, these
devices use flyback topology to achieve
efficiencies up to four times better than
competing flash modules. A unique peak
inductor current control mechanism maintains
current-limited mode transformer operation
throughout the entire charge cycle, eliminating
the high inrush current often found in modules.
YB7000 output voltage sensing scheme
monitors the flyback voltage to directly regulate
the output voltage. This feature allows the
capacitor to be held at a fully charged state
without excessive power consumption.
Adjustable refresh time is fully controllable by
the user with a resistor. The DONE pin signals
that the capacitor is full charged.
„ Charge Any Size Photoflash Capacitor
„ Support Operation from Two AA Cells or
Any Supply from 1.8V to 16V
„ Use Standard transformers
„ No High Voltage Zener Diode Required
„ Built in 40V output switch
„ Adjustable Output Voltage
„ Adjustable Peak Switch Current
„ Automatic Refresh with adjustable timer
„ Charge Complete Indicator
„ Small 8-Lead MSOP Packages
„ Digital Camera Flash unit
„ Film Camera Flash Unit
„ High Voltage Power Supplies
„ Photoflash module for cell phone
Typical Application Circuit
YB7000 MRev.0.3
Figure 1 Typical Application Circuit