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DC/AC CCFL Controller IC Product
High Integrated LCD Monitor Backlight Inverter Controller
OB3306 is a high integrated and
high performance Cold Cathode
Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) control-
ler optimized for LCD monitor
backlight application. It integrates
high precision (2%) 4 channels of
current and 1 channel of voltage
feedback control, and thus
provides a low-cost and high
reliability LCD backlight solution
with minimum system BOM count.
OB3306 controls push pull topol-
ogy and supports various dimming
functions and comprehensive
LCD CCFL backlight system in
LCD monitor
Minimal required external components
Push pull topology
High precision reference and frequency control
External programmability of the key parameters
Flexible Dimming mode Control
Analog dimming control
Internal burst dimming control
External burst (LPWM) dimming control
0-2V DC voltage direct dimming control without
external circuits
Dimming range programmable (Max.: 100%~0%)
Comprehensive Protection Coverage
Output over voltage protection (OVP)
Output over current proteciton (OCP)
Open lamp protetion and short lamp protection
Arcing protection
Available in SOP16 packages,RoHS compliant
Typical Application:
GreenEngineTM Technology
for Green Power